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I’m one of those “I luuurrrrve you” drunks.

Posted in Comics by Emily on July 22, 2010

Fuck orange pekoe.

Tea grades are neat! I have always found it interesting that the only time one ever comes across them really is when one sees “ORANGE PEKOE” slapped on the little paper packet of free tea you get on an airplane or at a diner. It’s like, “Well, we have nothing to say about this tea really. Let’s just use this term that means ‘regular tea’ and maybe people will think it means ‘classy, perhaps even orange-flavored, tea.'” I’m on to you, tea companies. Seriously though, that wikipedia article has so many great potential band names, check it out. (“HELLO DETROIT! WE’RE BROKEN PEKOE SOUCHONG, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??”)

Anyway, this is a comic about how I am such a morning person that even at the very silly hour of 8:30 AM I will sit awake with my tea and think kind thoughts about the people who are still sleeping. Even if they jumped on me the night before. Even if they asserted that Bud Lite was a decent beer the night before.


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