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Driving to Ohio Comics!

Posted in Comics by Emily on July 29, 2010

Ahem, you say. Why is there a comic about driving to Ohio after all the comics about being in Ohio? Isn’t that kind of doing it backwards? To which I say, I kind of did your face backwards last night.

Anyway, this one is straight-up diarycomic. It’s got too many words and everything. And I got a little cocky about my ability to draw a car by the end.

Seriously, how did people survive long road trips before they could bring Wikipedia with them?

It is worth noting that we made it from rush-hour-DC* to almost-Cleveland, despite the obstacles of cops and Pennsylvania’s tendency to be under construction, in a mere seven hours! This is because of the miracle of caffeine. If there is any doubt in your mind that my road trip buddy was a good road trip buddy, here is a depiction of what he had to put up with:


*It is also worth noting, because I like to brag about these things, that despite my never driving in DC I managed to find a free and legal place to stash the car directly behind the US Capitol at 6pm on a weekday. Unprecedented, right?


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