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Yet More Sexy Times at 1808

Posted in Comics by Emily on October 25, 2010

He only used the griddle like twice.  I have used that sheet as a curtain in three places so far, and I still have it.

I think Randy comes off as kind of a curmudgeon so far. It’s not true; Nice Randy will appear in future comics.

Also, this whole comic could be the extremely contrived setup for a porn. Two female roommates come back from their Queer Theory class full of new and titillating ideas (about radical deconstructionism)! They have a drink and start watching TV, only to find that there is porn on the TV! And who is that at the door? Is it their other roommate? In a FedEx uniform? Oh my.

Hmm. Guys, I am excited to see what search engine traffic that last paragraph generates!

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