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Posted in Comics by Emily on November 15, 2010

the Le Corbusier is harder to pull off

I have had this one in the queue for a while and it is a very appropriate time to post it! In fact, it will be posting automatically from WordPress’s top secret post repository while I am hanging out with architects in Chicago.

Anyway, you may already know my feelings on Frank Gehry. I kind of think of him as the inappropriate great-uncle at the Thanksgiving table of architecture; everyone’s having a conversation and he barges in to say something about THE KIDS THESE DAYS, WITH THEIR GREEN BUILDINGS and everyone turns to pay attention to him, and then when they’re trying to wrap up the leftovers it turns out he’s taken all the tinfoil and built a new addition to the house with it. But I’m curious what a Gehry-designed haircut would be like. So is the hairspray industry, I’m sure.


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  1. Will said, on November 16, 2010 at 9:18 am

    I would definitely try this if any of my barbers spoke better English and I thought there was any chance of them getting it.

    “Give me a Feynman!”

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