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Gender Changer

Posted in Comics by Emily on December 26, 2010


A kid memory that popped into my head. I am trying my best not to overanalyze it on a psychological or sociological level* – after all, it was probably just one of those random things that struck me as inordinately funny for I don’t know how long. Hopefully no more than a week, for my parents’ sake. (Imagine how much more irritating I would have been if I’d grown up speaking a language with gendered nouns! Le table! -ZAP!- La table! -ZAP!- Le table!). Anyway, it was fun drawing those Tinkertoys in the last panel.

*But, like, it’s so INTERESTING how the absolute gender binary that made this thing hilarious coexisted in my kid brain with an awareness that when things got categorized as “girl toys” or “books for boys” it was bullshit!

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