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Quick comics part 3: Arrested Development Party!

Posted in Comics by Emily on March 29, 2011

especially during the 'afternoon delight' singalong

Yeah, so Scott and I went to a fabulous Arrested Development party at the Arlington Drafthouse & Cinema the other night. We lost the lookalike contest to a Rita with a delightfully atrocious accent (“Oh, Michael, you’re SUCH a pussy!”) but Scott did get the proper adulation for actually shaving his beard into a W, again. And we had a pitcher of Bell’s Two Hearted, so we win in general. And I’m still pretty proud of this three-legged fox stole I made for my Halloween Lucille Bluth costume:

someone cut off his widdle foot

I hope they have more of these Arrested Development parties, so I can justify the purchase of those giant sunglasses.