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Quickies! In Sharpie!

Posted in Comics by Emily on March 27, 2011

Aaaah so WORK and SCHOOL and LIIIIIFE. Yeah. I know a regular update keeps me drawing and keeps y’all interested, and once a week isn’t that tough a deadline for myself, but maybe not right now `cause it’s SPRIIIIING, and I’m down to three months left in DC and there is a lot of paper-writing and roommate-searching and just enjoying those last three months with various lovely DC people going on right now. I have some ideas bubbling away on the brain-stove, but they’re mostly for longer comics and a whole hour or two in a row is rare these days. SO here are some quick lil comics with various lovely DC people in them. One today, one tomorrow, one Tuesday.

mm bread

See also: Four Things I Say To Cats That Only Assholes Say to People. “You don’t like hugs? Aww, c’mon. You’re too cute not to like hugs. I’m going to give you hugs until you change your mind.”


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