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A semi-retired man needs a hobby.

Posted in Comics by Emily on May 3, 2011

Not Lasik.

…..And then finals were over, and she made a comic. Going to do my best to stick to the once-a-week thing now that the class is over; that schedule may well end up being merely aspirational until I finish this grad school thing, at which point something else will appear to fill the time. But I hope y’all will grab the RSS link or stop by once a week and read `em as they show up; the next two months hold a road trip, a college reunion and me moving to a new city, so I’m sure I will have adventures that require recording. And I’ll even quit spending half the post rationalizing why I don’t draw as often as I want to!

Anyway, Pop has laser eyes now, and when he’s not working on his model train set he’s undertaking the noble* task of growing hops in the backyard. Having rejected my suggestion to tastelessly decorate the hop pole for Good Friday, Mom and Pop obviously need another diversion until the harvest is ready. And what better way to while away a warm Indiana summer evening than explode birds who attack Pop’s hop crop?

Mom is off to the side, holding the Audubon Guide and examining the smoking remains

*No pun intended, but I’ll go with it.

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