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Quick Comics! Day Two!

Posted in Comics by Emily on August 17, 2011

to be fair, i read over other people's shoulders constantly

Quick sketchy silly comics! All week! Yeah, so what’s the deal with airplane irrational embarrassment about the sexy bits in one’s reading material? (This is the book in question; it apparently has the Amazon reviewers very divided. I appreciate the review that simply states “Basically, if you don’t like the book, it’s because you’re not getting laid.” WELL MAYBE IF I’D READ THAT FIRST I WOULD HAVE KNOWN HOW MUCH SEX WAS GONNA BE IN IT.)

Also, SHIRTS. With robots. Well, a robot, and it might also be an office tower. I have made shirts. One features our good friend the Mies Van Der Robot, and the other is based on this comic and features my new residence, WisCATANsin.

This one has a modern design pun and a cute robot on it.

This one features a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And both of them refer to an obscure comic blog no one’s ever heard of!

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