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Posted in Comics by Emily on October 23, 2011

the cost of living is lower here primarily because the cost of booze is lower here
the cost of living is lower here primarily because the cost of booze is lower here

I guess not many people move to Milwaukee looking for a better life?

This guy is actually a very excellent bartender; he pours me delicious beers and occasionally doesn’t charge me for them, and he didn’t even get all weird about it when I asked if he was the half-naked guy who waved to me from outside my apartment that one time.* But bartender/patron sympathy is perhaps best expressed through the medium of booze/tips.

Anyway, after I posted this comic, I started getting all kinds of hits from people googling how to cope with the emotions involved in long distance relationships. So, this is my official statement that I have no idea.**

*There is context which makes this not skeevy at all! A naked bike ride group convened on my corner last month, and a tall bearded shirtless cyclist waved at me! So…who was that?
**Well, the “distract self with homework, then get all silly drunk and send texts consisting of stuff like “I looooooooooove yooooooou” and “TIPSY KISSESSES!” method is working okay for me, but it may not be sustainable over the long term.

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  1. Ali Gooch said, on October 29, 2013 at 7:07 am

    Aww, come on, milwaukee’s cool. Speaking of which, I was at work looking for architecture puns instead of doing my architecture homework, and I found you and after a few familiar things caught my eye, I realized one of your tags was “Milwaukee” and I got really excited. I like your stuuuuff.

    • Emily said, on November 15, 2013 at 12:06 pm

      yay! Thanks for the sweet comment & I hope you found some good puns.

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