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Free food

Posted in Comics by Emily on January 31, 2012

Now we must quit school and form a techno band whose big hit goes ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS ANTS

I always feel a little squidgy about posting stuff about people who don’t know me well enough to know that I have a blog on which I might post about them. (If you come across this one day, sir, hi and I’m sorry about your cake.) Maybe I should write some kind of disclaimer on my dishes, and it would be gradually revealed as you eat off of them: “BY ACCEPTING THIS BOWL OF CHILI, YOU HAVE CONSENTED TO BEING PUT IN A COMIC.” But, here is a comic about the progression of free food from a baker -> a grad student -> a grad student with a ‘real job’ -> several million tiny household pests. If they haven’t already taken over the world, they will soon.

A long time ago I read this Johnny Wander comic and just completely lost it laughing. Those tiny “ants” “ohmygod” labels still crack me up. My infestation was mercifully small and brief.

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