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Making friends is easy

Posted in Comics by Emily on January 11, 2012

This takes place at that weird grocery store that sells antigravity potatoes and half-full bottles of balsamic vinegar.

….it’s knowing what to do once you’ve made them that’s hard. My friend Jen shared this on Facebook, and it made me think of the encounters like this I’ve had recently. Funny how easy it is to meet people and have a decent conversation and run into them around the neighborhood, and then find oneself sitting alone, halfway through an awesome dinner and a bottle of wine, thinking “Oh, huh, this is the sort of thing people do together.” I’m usually pretty content alone, and between the office, classes, commuting, roommates and friend-groups that tended to get together en masse, I got used to having to seek out alone time in D.C. Gotta remind myself sometimes that I currently have no shortage of alone time, and that the people who say “Hey, we should hang out sometime” probably actually mean it.


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