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At the zoo

Posted in Comics by Emily on December 1, 2014

harrumph, just noticed i put leaves on all the trees despite it being winter. MAGIC ETERNAL SUMMER ZOO

The zoo, man, it really is the height of bittersweet for me as a childfree person. On the one hand, I got to go there as a spur of the moment, solo trip after wandering for miles spending my disposable income on art supplies and beer, without having to wrangle a single uncooperative tiny person. On the other hand, how awesome must it feel to introduce your very own tiny person to lions and bears and wolves for the first time? It’s one of those things where as much as I know I’ve made the right decision…there’s always gonna be someone dressing their kiddo in a tiny fuzzy monkey costume and some bit of my brain going “hey, why ya making me miss out on THIS?”


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