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#30DaysOfComics 14. Punishing Politicians and Pundits for Pedestrian Put-Downs

Posted in Comics by Emily on January 22, 2014





I originally thought of making this comic specific to public figures who had said particularly awful things recently (like the mayor who would have winter cyclists arrested, or the NYPD’s victim-blamey and straight-up inaccurate collision stats). Then I realized that would mean citing sources and finding photos of all these people. So, here are some made-up people and quotes!

For those of y’all who don’t spend way too much of your day reading about this stuff, here are a couple pieces off the top of my head that sum up how misguided a lot of law/culture/urban design is towards non-drivers:
Streetsblog: Bratton’s Pedestrian Ticket Blitz Won’t Save Lives
Carfree With Kids: Sometimes pedestrians do stupid things for a reason
City Paper: There Is No War On Cars

That’s everything but the futuristic cyclo-tubes. Seems like every few months some designer mocks up a grand vision of a future where bikes and cars are separated by some kind of multi-level elevated express bikeways. I’m all for trails and greenways and protected lanes, but those grand designs are not about to justify their costs or solve an actual problem that exists. [Update: apparently while I was drawing this, Copenhagenize posted a nice lil screed about the latest incarnation of shiny new bike infrastructure] And every time I see them I think about how uncomfortable I’d be riding, say, at a not-too-trafficky time of day on a limited-access elevated bikeway, knowing that if an aggressive or creepy rider appeared behind me I’d have no immediate way out. Thus, folks who suggest those get pursued by creepy clowns (I know, redundant).

Welp, that was a lot of text for what was supposed to be a quickie comic! Hope y’all got some schadenfreude out of this.

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