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Dinosaur Request Comics

Posted in Random by Emily on August 6, 2011

So, my friends have a game they like to play called Give Emily Booze and Have Her Draw Things. This is how the world has ended up with such glorious pieces as “Fox That Is Also A Helicopter Rescuing A One-Legged Prostitute From A Burning Whorehouse” and “Abraham Lincoln Not Letting William Howard Taft Join Him And His Ladies In The Hot Tub, Because He Will Get Stuck.” I recently received such a request by email, and unaccompanied by booze, but it was too good to pass up. Behold “Fat T. Rex With A Top Hat, Monocle and Suit, Stomping A House, With A 747 In His Hand.” (Click to embiggen.)


Hat tip to Kashton, and to whatever angry letter-writer compared her employer to “a corpulent, bureaucratic dinosaur crushing individuals beneath its arrogant rules.”

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