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Fourteen Ways of Looking at Frank Gehry

Posted in Comics by Emily on March 1, 2011

I came across this story in my Google Reader the other day. While obviously I am joyously reveling in this successful attack on my architectural archnemesis, I was struck by the truly fabulous constructions of the English language used to describe the constructions of Frank Gehry. A dead scallop! A squashed lampshade! Surely no other architect has, for better or worse, inspired such delightfully graphic comparisons.

So I embarked on a little exploration around the internet, googling phrases like “building looks like” or “resembles a” alongside Gehry’s name. The results were better than I could have imagined. I thus present the below interpretations of What The Internet Thinks Frank Gehry-Designed Buildings Look Like:

More (and credits) after the jump. BONUS: Can you tell which ones are professional architecture critics and which ones are internet commenter snark? Can you tell which ones are from Gehry fans and which ones are from haters? Which one(s) did Mr. Gehry himself say?