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Scenes from a High School Musical

Posted in Comics by Emily on April 6, 2011

Somewhere out there there is another drinker who likes rum cut with ouzo.......somewhere.
He is secretly pleased by our critical natures; it means his high standards live on.
I'd make fun of them for being east coast elitists, but they're not from here.

So there you have it, we drank at our high school’s spring musical, criticized the show, admired the attractive high school girls and parlayed the whole experience into a conversation about fisting. Yup, we’re assholes. By which I mean, we did such a fantastic job on the show in 2001 that we totally earned the right to ruin all future productions of Guys & Dolls anywhere ever. But! The show was pretty much entirely awesome; our alma mater still has ridiculously talented students (and one 12-year-old bench). Nothing wrong with an evening of high school theater.

Also, I don’t want to hear it from any of my elders that we have no right to say we feel old. 1) going back to one’s high school makes one feel at once disconcertingly old and young and 2) you totally felt old when you were thirtyish.

Also, why am I moving to Wisconsin when clearly these are the best people? This “degree” and “lower cost of living” thing better be awesome.