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#30DaysOfComics 30. Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet

Posted in Comics by Emily on February 14, 2014

paper doilies were a fun vday crafts discovery
i don't have wineglasses, a mug would be more accurate

Hey, it’s a holiday, and the end of 30DaysOfComics, I did not plan that coincidence but I like it! Also, I will probably not drink and cry tonight, I will probably hang out with friends or go see some music, or something. But, I mean it, the more webcomics I read the happier my Valentine’s day is. So many adorable love puns and beloved characters gettin’ shmoopy with each other.

30DaysOfComics has been fun! Sometimes a pain to get stuff done, but I have learned a few things. For one thing, if I take a dumb idea and run with it, sometimes it turns out good! Sometimes it stays dumb but usually it can improve itself. Also, I love drawing backgrounds but they take sooo looong. Scribbling some color on is much quicker and works for the purposes of separating text from quick-drawn lines, so I should remember I can do that, if I ever feel like I want to make something but it’s gonna take foreverrrr to do it “right.” Also, drawing something every day uses up more paper than you would think!

The looming spectre of this semester getting busy is now upon us, but I’m optimistic that having done this month of sticking to a schedule will keep my art-brain in gear – if nothing else, it reminded me that sometimes it only takes 15 minutes to scribble down something funny that happened to me that I might want to remember.

I hope y’all enjoyed the last 6 weeks of these things! Thanks for reading.